Floor Tiles

The most effective and innovative tool to boost sales of your tiles, create a more engaging and memorable experience for potential buyers, and enable them to visualize how different floor tiles will look in their home or office.


Why is ARViewz the best tool for your floor tiles business?

With ARViewz, you can revolutionize your floor tiles business by providing your clients with a more accurate representation of the final product. This reduces the need for physical samples, resulting in lower costs and a more efficient design and selection process.

ARViewz also serves as an effective marketing tool, enhancing the customer experience and establishing a strong emotional connection with your brand. As a result, it leads to increased sales and revenue for your business.

How to use ARViewz to showcase your floor tiles?


Upload your tile image


Transform it into an augmented reality experience with ARViewz in just seconds


Add the AR representation of your tiles to your website or include them in a catalogue for your physical store

Decrease Returns
Decrease Marketing Cost
Increase Engagement
Increase Conversions

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